Monday, April 14, 2008

ZOMGBBQ!!!! Norah Gaughan!!!

Norah Gaughan just added me as a Ravelry friend. I feel special :) She's knit-famous, you know. I squealed SO much.

This is my sweater, Lyric Tree. She's quite popular in my Ravelry FO's, and the pattern will be available very soon after school is over. More about where to find it later... My mom took these lovely pictures above with my super-crappy digital cam, and the photos below are by my good friend Nick, who has hand-spun hand-knitted goodness coming to him shortly. He took a whole ass-ton of pictures.

This is the Bag Hat. You can buy the pattern! I have an Etsy store! It's right here :DDown hurrr, we have the Paige Hat, worked in a "twisted stockinette rib," which I sort of made up, but I sure SOMEBODY has used it before. K1 tbl, K1. It's meant to be kinda slouchy, the pattern may get tweaked to make it more so than in the picture, but it is also available in my Etsy Store! Check it out!These are my favorite scarves. They're sort of the same, but different colors, and they're free-form, but they use many of the same motifs. The crimson and oatmeal one is pictured up top, being knitted. I'll be writing up a "formula," for these at some point. They're knit in Adrienne Vittadini "Nadia," which is heavenly alpaca, and I think they'd also be loverly in contrasting hand-spun.
With the school year drawing to a close, I'm getting ready to kick summer's ass with productivity. I need to find a regular job, probably serving booze somewhere downtown, and secure living space for May/June (house-sitting in July! Woot!), but as soon as that is taken care of, I get to do whatever the hell I want!! Much of this will include cranking out patterns and hand-spun for the Etsy store, knitting through the stash, knittin for some charity, and prepping for a viola recital in September (mark your calendars, music fans; Franck Sonata in A, Bach Suite No. 4, Rebecca Clarke "Morpheus," and Bloch "Suite Hebraique"). I have never actually given a recital before, and I am simultaneously exhilarated and scared out of my mind.

Another mission for the summer is to get myself to the Estes Park Wool Market. I was telling a non-knitting friend about this a while back, and he proceeded to do a lovely impression of me getting excited about alpacas. "There will be alpacas; I could touch them! Alpaca is good fiber. I want one. I could pet it!" Thank you Wyatt.

Go listen to some viola music, or find an unknown band, and don't forget to visit while you're at it.

Blissful sunshiney knittyness,

Ps, I JUST realized that Norah Gaughan was the Norah who commented on my tree sweater like, two weeks ago. I had no idea it was her until two seconds ago. My brain is so farty.


Kofi Martin said...

We should definitely write weekly. I just got this message. Sorry so late.


Kofi Martin said...

We should totally write once a week! I'll try to make Friday my weekely update.

tikru said...

:) You are funny..I love your tree, it's great.
And I found out you via Ravelry, suprise ;)

Chimera Crochet said...

Find a band?? Do you like the local music, hmm?
My current favorite Lincoln locals are:
Ideal Cleaners, People's Family Band, Tangelo, Machete Archive, Spring Gun and Sat In What