Thursday, October 25, 2007


As a former xanga-ist, I am not completely new to the world of blogging, but let's consider this the birth of a new blogger. Most of my posts should be about knitting, but there will inevitably be bits and pieces about my adventures in college-land, viola playing, and becoming a professional starving artist.

Allow me to introduce myself:
My real-world name is Jordan. I'm a student at UNL, majoring in viola performance and often wishing I could major in Domestic Goddessry. My roommate, our yarn stash, the fish, Klaus the viola, my library, obscene amounts of furniture, my Mary Kay bags (Why yes, I do sell the nation's #1 selling brand of skin-care and cosmetics! What can I say? I'm a poor college student.), annnnd I (if there's room), live in a 11'x16' dorm room! If you think your house is too small for your yarn stash, imagine two knitters and all their stuff living in a closet. Then give thanks for your spacious abode.
Besides being a sardine, I also enjoy cooking, live theater, dancing, cheese, chocolate, and hiking when I'm in Colorado. In addition music I'm studying German, hence the name Stricken - v. to knit. It also just sounds sexy, even if you don't know it means "knitting." I listen to Lime and Violet like it's my job, and my pattern stash, bookmarks list, and geek-queendom have all grown exponentially in the month and a half since I discovered the magical world of podcasts. In fact, one of my large goals for next summer is to have my own podcast, co-hosted by my mother and/or my roommate. Mom isn't a big-time knitter, but she's got some 'tude, and she lets the most wonderfully inappropriate things slip sometimes. She also spray-paints our neighbors' porch lights if they're too bright and shine into our living room... You see where I get my badass genes.
Most of my knitting in the past few years has been my own designs, which I need to type up patterns for, and get copyrights on (:-p barf, paperwork...). I tend to make things up as I go, and I LOVE cabling. I hate DOING the cabling itself, but when it's done it makes me very happy, and I've made a couple of garments with really neat cabled trees; I just bought five skeins of Araucania Nature Wool Chunky in a bright lime green colorway which is going to become a cardigan... probably with a cabled tree on the back. I am not originally from Lincoln, THANK GOD!!!, but rather hail from beautiful Manhattan, KS, home to Kansas State University, a lively and varied small-business scene, and the world record for most bars within a square mile, Aggieville. But most importantly, Manhattan is home to Wildflower Yarns and Knitwear! Stop by the shop if you're in the neighborhood. I could pimp sooooo many more Manhattan businesses, but we'll just stick to knitting for now.
Welcome to the blog. Should you continue to read my ramblings, I will lead you on a journey of words through my adventures in knitting, music, maybe some dating, and whatever else may come my way that I find it fit to spew on the internet.

Happy knitting!