Thursday, December 27, 2007

What Blog?

After a long hiatus from blogging, I'm back! Be excited!

I have just finished the semester from hell, and my GPA has completely gone to pot, but the good news is I got a good deal of knitting done, trying to keep myself sane. I'm now at home, doing nothing for three weeks except knitting, cooking, and watching "That 70's Show" with my mother.

I'm also trying to convince myself to come around to playing my crappy viola again. Two months ago I had an instrument sent to me to try out, and I completely fell in love with it, planned on buying it, and then could not get a loan. I had to send it back to Canada, which cost me (ok, my parents), $300 f#&!*n dollars. Right after my jury. For those of you who have never been music students, juries are performance finals, where the faculty sits around and says 'Dance monkey, dance!' and you get graded. I probably don't need to say it wasn't my best jury ever, since I was trying really hard not to cry the whole time, and I blanked on my stupid scale fingerings - the same ones I've been using for five years! So I got it over with, promptly went to my locker, and sobbed my guts out as I put my bow and music and all the little knick-knacks that go with violas back into my own case. I took the amazing viola back to my dorm, packed it in its box, cried a little more, then went to the UPS store, and it was gone. So since then, I haven't been feeling the motivation much. I'm back to old Klaus (yes, I name my instruments), and he served me well in the bar gig my band had last week, but I am simply not going to get very far in the field of classical performance if I don't upgrade within the next few years. I think I deserve better than this, but apparently the loan companies and my school don't care. Yes, I have no credit history, and no job. I'M A STUDENT. Gimme money.

So anyway...

I'm still working on my Christmas knitting! I finished a Flora scarf for my mother, pictures coming soon, and several friends are getting items that I will post about after they have received them, just in case they actually read this (hay you guys!).

So we'll call this my goodbye to 2007 (even though it's after midnight. Whatever.), and very, very soon (I promise!), there will be a ~*SHINY NEW 2008 POST*~ full of photo-graphy goodness, and optimism for the new year. Maybe there will even be resolutions. Ooh!
Be excited.

Happy New Year to all, and to all, KICK ASS KNITTING!