Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rules and requirements for functional and enjoyable human-bean-hood.

1. Thou shalt be crafty and resourceful. If you can't make or do anything, you're pretty much a worthless pile, so you better learn a skill quick, bub.

2. Thou shalt love thy earth, shop local, etc. Driving sucks anyway.

3. Thou shalt be considerate and kind, especially to people who handle your food, pay you, or do anything that is of great importance to your life. Just say thank you and smile.
3a. Tip your server WELL if they do a good job. If they're noticeably bad, tip 10% in small change. If they're rude, eff 'em. They need to be nice too.

4. Mess with telemarketers. Also mess with sidewalk missionaries, but ONLY if they approach you first.

5. Rinse your dishes and cook-ware right away after use. It makes your whole day so much easier.

6. EAT
6a. in moderation. Most of the time.
6b. real ingredients. Unless you have some sort of dietary/health restriction, you better be eating real sugar and butter, dammit. If you can't pronounce it, it probably shouldn't go in your body.
6d. hummus. It's amazing, and I do believe it counts for several of the food groups. You can make it in a blender!

7. Move every day. You can at least walk around the block once; it won't freakin kill you. I'm not saying go running or anything, 'cause I'm pretty sure running is for when you're being chased.

8. Read. Anything.

9. When walking (especially on college campuses): Pick ONE freaking side of the sidewalk. Watch for bikers. We're crazy folk, and we may run you over if you are a bad pedestrian

10. When biking: Wear a helmet. All the time. As someone who falls off her bike a lot, I can tell you this is the key to survival on this earth. Try to remember that even bad pedestrians have feelings, and probably lawyers.
-Norah Gaughan's "Brea" bag - decided I needed another project, and another purse :) Did the faces, almost done with the gusset, need to figure out strap/lining specs. Navy blue. I want to finish it *now* so I can carry it around and say 'lookit what I maded!' Alas, it is better suited for Fall/Winter, so I have to wait a bit.
-Swiss cheese scarf - need to finish the socks I'm knitting from the other end of the ball :) Then I can finish the scarf.
-Socks from the other end of the ball: simple little ankle socks that I decided I NEEDED to make in the middle of that scarf... This was during a bus trip with 80 middle schoolers. I don't need to tell you I was not in the clearest frame of mind, but they're pretty great socks.
-Secret project: you'll see soon enough :) Not knitting, but knitting related.
I get to go home tomorrow! Much time shall be spent at Wildflower, plotting world domination through knitting, and squeezing the Koigu. After I come back, photo boy gets here, so by next Friday I'll have picture that don't totally blow ^_^

Meanwhile, it's still Friday somewhere, and I need to go to bed and get my eye to stop twitching. That would be peachy.

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Monica said...

Drive-by Stranger Comment: I have trouble with twitchy eyes. Serious trouble. But if I take magnesium pills every day, the twitching stops. For reals.